What is CIC (Carrier Identification Code)

CIC (Carrier Identification Code) is a unique three-digit code assigned to telecommunications carriers by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States. It serves as a means to identify and track the various carriers operating within the telecommunications industry.

The CIC is an essential component of the signaling system used in telecommunications networks, particularly in the context of long-distance and international calls. When a call is initiated, the originating carrier must transmit the CIC as part of the signaling information to indicate which carrier is handling the call. This allows the receiving carrier to properly route the call and determine the appropriate billing arrangements.

The primary purpose of the CIC is to facilitate accurate billing and revenue sharing among carriers. By including the CIC in the signaling information, carriers can ensure that the correct charges are applied for each call and that revenue is appropriately distributed among the involved parties. This is especially important in cases where multiple carriers are involved in the transmission of a call, such as when a long-distance call is handed off between several carriers before reaching its destination.

In addition to billing and revenue sharing, the CIC also plays a role in ensuring network efficiency and quality of service. By identifying the carrier responsible for handling a call, network operators can monitor and manage call traffic more effectively. This allows them to optimize network resources, troubleshoot issues, and provide a better overall experience for users.

The FCC is responsible for assigning and regulating CICs to ensure fair competition and smooth operation of the telecommunications industry. Carriers must apply for a CIC and comply with certain guidelines and regulations set forth by the FCC. Failure to adhere to these requirements can result in penalties and potential loss of CIC privileges.

The CIC is a vital identifier in the telecommunications industry, enabling accurate billing, revenue sharing, network management, and regulatory compliance. Its use ensures the smooth functioning of telecommunications networks and facilitates seamless communication between carriers and their customers.

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Key points in the definition of CIC (Carrier Identification Code)

  • The CIC is a unique three-digit code assigned to telecommunications carriers by the FCC in the United States.
  • It is used as part of the signaling system in telecommunications networks to identify the carrier handling a call and facilitate proper routing and billing arrangements.
  • The CIC plays a crucial role in accurate billing, revenue sharing, network efficiency, and regulatory compliance in the telecommunications industry.

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