FSW adapts to coronavirus

By Lianna Hubbard

Shoppers raid grocery stores for toilet paper and rice. The elderly, cautious, and immune-compromised quarantine themselves. Bars and nightclubs shut down for 30 days across Florida only hours before St. Patrick’s Day began. Federal health authorities advise against gatherings of more than 50 people and encourage social distancing. […]

Compass Points

New name, new Public Safety

In December, FSW’s Public Safety changed its name to Campus Police Department. “It’s just a matter of agency pride and recognition throughout the FSW community, letting them know were here and were here to help,” […]


Dressing room dysphoria

By Frankie Rowley For trans youth in southwest Florida, buying clothes isn’t a pleasant pastime. It more closely resembles a tactical operation of avoiding clerks’ stares, navigating gendered departments, and outrunning a wall of dysphoria. […]