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By Marisa Bunton

With the spring semester coming to a close, you know what that means… SUMMER!!! What are your plans this summer? Do you plan on registering for classes? If you are, summer 2021 registration is now open.

Even if you are planning on relaxing during your summer break, it never hurts to do classes over the summer. During my freshman year at FSW, I can tell you that, from my experience, summer classes are amazing! Normally, I don’t go out partying or hanging out with friends like what most young adults do, so I’m always at home. Plus, there are benefits about summer classes. If you are just starting out as a freshman or any grade, summer classes are a wise choice because your credits will add up faster, saving you time and money!

Think about it. Most college students complete 12 credits in the fall, 12 in the spring, and 6 in the summer (on average). When I took classes in the fall, spring, and summer of 2020, I took 13 credits in the fall, 12 in the spring, and 12 in the summer. That means I completed 37 credits out of 60 in just one year, leaving me with 23 more to complete during my second year. Isn’t that amazing? Most students, if not all, want to get their degree as soon as possible, so they work their way into completing a ton of credits within a year and a half to two years.

My advice to you is to plan out your schedule based off your catalog sheet that your academic advisor provides for you. If you are interested in transferring to another Florida college right after FSW, then it’s a good idea to have a catalog sheet from that other college. For example, I built my summer schedule based off of FGCU’s prerequisites. I took three of the five prerequisites that I needed to take from FGCU and I added an elective. I took Intro to Social Work, Microeconomics, Sociology, and Music Appreciation. Do not create your schedule with difficult classes. Space out the difficulties. Too much difficulty will stress you out and too many easy classes will bore you out. All in all, you create your schedule how you see fit.

If you want to browse for classes, just go on your FSW portal, log in, click on “Student Academics,” and then click on your student profile. Next, you’re going to want to click on “Registration & Planning.” I hope this article helps you find your classes. I wish you all good luck, have fun hunting for the classes of your dreams, and have a great summer!

Marisa Bunton

Community Staff Writer

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