9 10 Minute Plays: A Recap

By Fiona English

On April 2 and 3, the FSW theatre performed several productions of short ten-minute plays. The productions were performed outdoors, socially distanced, and masks observed. These plays consisted of intense storylines involving slurs, homophobia, humor, and transgression among peers.

Theatre has always been able to make statements a reality and make humor come to life on the stage. In a time like this, the portrayal of important social issues, humorous assassins, an annoyed grim reaper, lovers, and hatred all provided a catharsis to an arts deprived audience.

As of the Fall semester of 2020, COVID-19 restrictions impeded on the performing arts. Theatre, music, and other forms of performance art were placed on a back burner as FSW closed it’s campuses. In the recent close of the semester, COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted and the performing arts are coming back to the stage.

The FSW Theatre brought humor, hate, love, and inequality to the stage; and portrayed many scenes that produced laughs, smiles, and overwhelming silence. The show opened with The Dungeons and The Dragons by Kyle John Schmidt which touched on homophobia and transphobia among young peers. This was followed by For Mr. Cuddles, a humorous story on a cat’s funeral, then Winter Games, a side door smoke break conversation, and On the Porch One Crisp Spring Morning, a humorous story between familial assassins. 

The FSW theatre breathed life into these plays; plays that reflected life today. Theatre is one of the most distinct performing arts; for its confounding ability to show microcosms of human nature, bring to life the most farthest fantasies, and provide commentary current events.

Fiona English

Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Compass

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