24 Student Projects Presented at FSW Research Expo

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By Amy Enberg

On April 13 and 14, students in the Honors Scholar Program at FSW had the opportunity to share the culmination of their semester-long work on their Honors Capstone projects.

The FSW Research Expo featured 24 student projects and 2 guest lectures. These student projects ranged from art exhibitions to research posters and documentaries.

Dr. Jacquelyn Davis, who led the Honors Capstone class alongside Dr. Wendy Chase, stated, “This year we were thrilled with the variety and scope of evidence-informed presentations…  Psychology presentations included research on the impact of Covid 19 on students and medical professionals, the emotional impact of dance, and the benefits of guided meditation. Social-Political Awareness presentations highlighted sexual violence, Nazi persecution, Gen Z voting preferences, the Pink tax, Hungarian culture, and exciting documentaries on Cuba and the media. Education presentations targeted microplastics, teen financial literacy, and permaculture. Finally, art exhibits ranged from interior designs, fashion photography, short stories, and an illustrated book on immigration stories.”

For many of those students, it was their first time presenting at a research expo. One Honors Scholar presenting her project, Soraly Uzcategui, stated that, “The expo was overwhelming at first but realizing that you are not alone and that you have so many people supporting you it definitely makes it a better experience. I feel so grateful for all the support from faculty and students, and so happy to be part of the honors family.”

For some, the Expo was not only a way for them to share research, but also to pursue topics they are passionate about. Sarah Wilson, who curated the Take Back the Night event held on April 5, said, “The Honors Program and my capstone project have truly been life changing and have opened my world up in so many ways.” 

While the work of the students was at the forefront of the Research Expo, this year’s Expo would not have been possible without the help of professors and administrators behind the scenes. 

Dr. Chase commented, “While Dr. Davis and I are incredibly proud of the high caliber of work that was produced by our students this year, it is important that people recognize that there is an extensive network of individuals, including the Provost, Dr. DeLuca, President Allbritten, our Academic Deans, Dr. Deborah Teed and Dr. Don McGarey, who allow us to cap our Honors courses at 15 students in order to facilitate the kind of mentorship relationships that are built when professors can focus their attention on each individual student to help them flourish.”

Academic scholarships were awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each of the four presentation categories: Psychology, Social-Political Awareness, Education, and Art.

The FSW Honors Facebook page will be updated with information about the 24 student projects throughout the week. You can find further information about the Honors Scholar Program at www.FSW.edu/Honors

Amy Enberg

Compass Co-Editor-in-Chief

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