FSW Mar. 31 Open House

By Fiona English

After an arduous year in a pandemic, FSW finally opened its campus to incoming high school students this past Wednesday. Several musical ensembles were featured at the event, including the FSW choir, Concert band, Jazz Ensemble, and a Vocal arrangement by Dr. D. 

The ensembles featured music professors and students pursuing music majors, including me, Fiona English. The outdoor performances represented the arts here at FSW and provided a solid welcome to incoming music students. 

Along with our talented ensembles, several tables were set up outdoors around campus featuring staff and the classes offered at FSW. These included Sciences, Mathematics, Computer Science, Recreation, Arts, International Education, and Business. 

This open house was far from “normalcy” since the pandemic, but it provided a sense of community at FSW, something that seemed lost for a while. All staff, students, and visitors wore masks and socially distanced, as stated in FSW’s mask policy, but the staff’s togetherness and compliance had awakened a small school spirit. 

A school spirit that was not lost but merely put to rest for a short time at the start of the pandemic. This spirit and community represented our school and set a good example for incoming students and what is offered here at FSW outside of the classroom.

Fiona English


Jessica Barnett – Business and Technology

(From left to right) Dr. Melinda Lyles, Ford McKee, Dr. Piro, Kandice Kucharczyck, Kyle Nash

Lisa Caldwell, Fitness Center Coordinator and Kiki Andre

Lisa M. Sirett

Dr. Bill and Dr. Smith

(From Left to Right) Dr. Infantado, Laura McClinton, Professor Coman Luminita, Rose Giliane

Professor Infantado

(From left to right) Terry Zamor, Ivana Ilic, Cheban Acharya

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