How To: Ace All Upcoming Tests

By Marisa Bunton

Have you ever taken a test or studied, but felt completely stressed out? With half of the semester gone and midterms over and done with, all that’s left are tests. Now is the perfect time to provide some valuable tips that can help you prepare and pass any upcoming test. No matter the point value, it never hurts to receive a 100%!

Like any test prep, what better way to do well on tests than studying? It’s best to study at least every 40 to 45 minutes because your brain can only hold up so much information. After 45 minutes, any other information you try to put in or was already in your brain, will be dumped (this is called a “brain dump”). Your brain is like a computer – it can only hold so much RAM and data. When your brain dumps unnecessary information out, it is very similar to rebooting your computer. That’s why it’s also important to take a 15-minute break afterwards. Just remember, the longer your break, the more study material you forget.

Study, study, study! Don’t just study before taking the test, do it on the day of the test and the night before. That way throughout the time you are taking the test, you will remember a great deal of the material you studied. Another useful tip is to get good sleep and eat a healthy breakfast. Some good tips on how to study could be these: use flash cards, read aloud, or maybe even form a study group to help you all study. Whatever works best for you. Good luck, Bucs!

Marisa Bunton

Community Writer

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