FSW Police Releases Statement on Jan. 22 Threat

“Greetings — On January 22, 2021, Florida Southwestern State College (FSW) received a threatening generic email addressed to an education facility outlining a potential active shooter event in combination with the use of preplaced propane tanks as bombs to cause casualties and property destruction. Based on the content of the email, Campus Police deemed the threat unreliable; however, measures were taken to secure each campus to ensure the safety and security of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Out of an abundance of caution, Campus Police requested Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office to assist in clearing the Pickle Ball Courts and any visitors on Charlotte Campus. Shortly after that, Campus Police learned that several universities and colleges throughout Florida experienced the same threatening email. At this point, Campus Police are still investigating the origin of the email while police officers and Community Service technicians (CST) remain vigilant in their duties. It is with great confidence; there is no active threat to any FSW community member or property. I ask that every FSW community member please remain situationally aware and if you see something suspicious, say something by calling Campus Police at 239-489-9203, or if it’s an emergency, dial 911. Thank you.” ~ Jerry Connolly, Chief of Police



Marisa Bunton

Community Writer

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