Game On: Sports Return to FSW

By Layla Sauter 

It’s finally time for sports to return to our lives, and it was with a great first start on Friday night for the women’s volleyball team. The game on Friday night ended with great success and high hopes for the rest of the season. 

Friday’s game was against Palm Beach State College, who put up a good fight, but in the end, the score was 3-0. The match had a good start, with the first round ending with Palm Beach 9 and Bucs 25, the next round was Palm Beach with 17 and Bucs with 25, and the final game ended with Palm Beach 27 and Bucs taking the win with 29. 

This being their first win of the season has the team feeling hopeful and ready to keep pushing themselves toward going to Nationals. The team is feeling great being back on the courts and competing; Coach Thais Baziquetto-Allen says, “ It’s great to be back on the courts; I’ve got good feelings about being back and getting to be on the courts again. I’m so thankful to be back on the courts again and getting ready for all the tournaments to come!”.  

After COVID, there was a lot of unknown, especially when it came to sports regarding whether or not they’d even return. The teams are all happy to be back on the courts and ready to play again. With COVID happening, there were, of course, some drawbacks to training, and this is what Coach Baziquetto-Allen had to say when asked what was hardest for coming back, “ the game tempo was crucial for the practices, so not being able to have that was more challenging to training because the high tempo is what was used as a vital training source. “And not being able to train in the way we use was difficult, but we managed to continue training and getting ready for the season.”. The training will be most important in preparing for games, so with the COVID having affected the training, many things are now being done to try and get the results desired. 

When the Coach was asked what she felt was the hardest part about it affecting her, she replied with “ the mental states were the biggest thing that had affected the team, having to wear the masks during practice and be extra careful and safe when hanging around friends. All of the changes being made to make sure they were safe to play had a big impact on them all.”. 

There are always nerves when it comes to the games, no matter if they are the pre-game jitters or the current worry of other teams canceling; however, the volleyball team seems to handle their nerves quite well. The coach’s biggest concern is that teams will cancel, making the already limited schedule even more limited. Many of the teams are now having to worry about the risk factor of even playing all because of the pandemic; however, that’s not going to stop them from enjoying the game.  

The team is still ecstatic to be back on the courts, and they’re ready to play and hopefully make it to Nationals this year. When Coach Buziquetto-Allen was asked what the big goal for the season was, she said, “we want to go further at state, go to district, and then win a spot at Nationals.” The team is ready for the season and have already got their first win, and are prepared for the next games. 

Layla Sauter

Sports Editor

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