Full-Time Student, Part-Time Employee

By Marisa Bunton

Have you ever wondered what it is like working a part-time or full-time job while going to college full-time? Have you done exactly this? I have. I currently work as a Dunkin’ Donuts “Crew Member,” and I am here to tell you that, whether you are unemployed or looking to be hired, time management is everything! How can a college student work on time management? Here are some tips to get you motivated:

  • Priorities Come First! – Prioritize your goals by choosing school over work. Anyone can get a job, but not everyone can graduate from a community college or a university with outstanding grades. The higher the grade, the higher the GPA, and the higher the GPA, the higher the pay.
  • Create a Schedule! – Creating a schedule is the perfect way of planning. You can plan out what days you would work on specific assignments and on days you focus on other things. One of the best things to use is a planner. Planners include calendars and a notes section, which can be used to write deadlines and assignments.
  • Eliminate All Distractions! – No matter the modalities you find helpful, it is essential to eliminate all distractions when it is time to work. Technology is the big one. Electronic devices can cause you to lose focus on what is vital. If listening to music or multitasking helps you focus, by all means, do it! If it distracts you, save that free time for your break.
  • Online or On-Campus, Never Procrastinate! – Procrastination is the biggest problem that most students face when it comes to time management. You might see an assignment due on Monday, but you wait until Friday, then Saturday, and then Sunday to get the task done. Procrastination causes stress in the student’s mind. Want to stop procrastinating? Get up early and get all work done early in the week instead of early on the due date.

As a college student, I can admit that sometimes, I struggle with time management. Sometimes, there are days where I don’t feel like working, but that doesn’t stop me from being a good student and doing well. As a full-time student and a part-time employee, I highly encourage all students to improve their time management skills. I also encourage students to get a job—any job I have ever had I always enjoyed. Not because of the pay (even though the income is just a bonus), but because of the experience – meeting people, working, and learning new skills.

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Marisa Bunton

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