2020: The Year of the Great Awakening

By Marisa Bunton

Another month, another event. It seems like there have been historical events, most damaging, taking place every month. Ever since March of 2020, people were losing their jobs, their businesses, and even the relationships they once had with friends and family members. Everything was chaos, but the mess did not end in 2020. The COVID outbreak started in March, although some people claim it began in December of 2019. I was already on my spring break at home. Spring Break was supposed to end in early March, but a week after, FSW notified all students about COVID-19 and about new policies that will be taking place.

For this article, I would like to reflect on the year and who I was and who I am now. Let’s take a moment and reflect on the year 2020 and how its circumstances affected us physically, mentally, spiritually, and psychologically. For starters, I can confidently say I have changed over this course of time. Before 2020, I was very naïve, but now, I feel like I have seen the light. I am not blind anymore. I feel like I have woken up. Here are some “before & after” aspects about myself:

  • In God We Trust!
    • I have been a Christian my entire life, but just in this past year alone, I have felt myself become more robust and wiser mentally and spiritually. So many Christians who turned away from God are now dedicating their lives to the word of God. Before, I was not always open about my beliefs. I was not afraid to tell people about my views, but I don’t always get questioned. Now, I am not scared to talk about Christianity. This is why I feel like I am “on fire for God.”
  • Right vs. Left or Good vs. Evil?
    • Everything happens for a reason, whether it is good or bad. I wish so badly for the world to be a better place, but we have to remember that there cannot be light without dark; so if there are good people in this world, there will be evil people that exist, too. I feel that the saddest part of our world is that we all have been living a lie. Trust no one, but keep yourself informed.

Will 2021 be a better year, or will it be the second wave of 2020? All I can tell you is: Be humble, stay strong, stay wise, but most importantly… protect yourselves and others.

Marisa Bunton

Staff Writer – Opinion

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