What the Holidays are looking like for FSW Students

By Fiona English

With the holidays fast approaching, many are still concerned about the pandemic. This year, the pandemic has affected everything. From grocery shopping to international relations, whatever it is, the pandemic has drastically affected it.

A health issue for many is the pandemic during the holidays. Typically around holidays, people from other states travel, there are an increased amount of gatherings, and contact with a large group of people is expected. However, this year, plans might change for many. Many people are concerned with the health risk of large gatherings.

Recently the daily amount of cases have shot up again, reading to A small rise of panic for some. Because of this, I have asked several FSW students about their plans for the holidays through a survey. 

 Jude Villarreal speaks about his holiday plans, “My family and I go to Texas this year; this year, we had to stay in Florida for the first time in 7 years.” Jude is one of many students who have canceled family traditions, events, and celebrations for the first time in a year due to the pandemic.

With the large increase of cases daily, many families are conflicted on travel. an additional concern among many is the economy. With the unemployment rate still too high, many fear that the yearly holiday spending won’t be enough to save small businesses.

Cynthia Moreno, another FSW student, speaks about her Thanksgiving. “Thanksgiving is generally a huge get-together, but this year it was isolated, and I only talked to my extended family on Zoom.” Many students such as Cynthia have responded likewise, stating that Thanksgiving was celebrated over a zoom call.  For the next upcoming holidays, this outlook may be the same as many families are staying home.

However, many are ignoring warnings from officials and the increase in coronavirus cases. Many still fear an influx of gigantic tourism during the holidays here in Florida due to isolation and boredom. Because of this, cases can continue to rise and reach an all-time high as it did during the summer.

The daily amount of cases could be tens of thousands once more. With the news of several vaccines being in the process of distribution, many people have begun to take covid-19 less seriously. Grocery stores are seeing fewer people with masks, and social distancing has not been enforced as it had been in April. This may cause an additional wave of coronavirus cases. With this information in mind, we must understand the significance of face masks, social distancing, washing our hands, and staying home. 

Fiona English

Staff Writer – Community

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