Editorial #4 – Goodbye 2020

By Donovan Souppa

We have finally reached the end of 2020. 

From Global pandemics to the 2020 election it has been one exhausting year. At many times it felt like one bad thing after another… with no end in sight. 

This past week I have found myself reflecting on how this year has been for me.

I have struggled through this year, my mental health has been at an all-time low, at times I have found it hard to get up in the mornings, or even do school work. 

In my reflection, I found that I had gotten hung up on the little things… stuff that in a year or two from now will be nothing but an irrelevant thought. I carried this weight with me the entire year… and I finally am ready to let it go. 

In 2021, I have decided that I am going to strive to become the best version of myself. I will not get hung up on the little things, instead, I will push forward and let every day be a new day. 

For a long time, I didn’t think New Year’s resolutions worked. I always passed it off as something that you would stick with for a week, or two if you’re lucky, but 2021 just feels different. 

Next year I encourage everyone to find one thing that they would like to change in 2021 and see how long you can stick with it.

With that being said…

This will be the last time you hear from The Compass in 2020, along with my resolutions, Amy and I have created some for The Compass as well. 

In 2021 The Compass aims to become more dedicated to the FSW students, we want to expand our platform, and most importantly we want to continue to build trust between us and the community.

In our last issue of 2020 we bring you articles ranging from the truth behind Christmas “The Reason of the Season”, to the new and, now approved, vaccine “Now That a COVID-19 Vaccine Has Been Approved, What’s Next?”.

On Behalf of the Compass, we wish everyone a safe and happy holidays!

See you in 2021!

Donovan Souppa


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