Tropical Storm Eta Hits Florida

By Angelina Rodriguez    

If you are like me, (not a morning person), then I am sure on Wednesday, November 11th you were woken up by a blaring alarm notifying you of a storm surge on your phone. Tropical depression, Eta, harbored in the Gulf of Mexico for a few days with winds at 70 MPH. The citizens in Mexico and Central America lost many loved ones and are still holding search parties to seek them. The estimated death toll of those who passed away from Eta is 159 people. 

It is easy to say that the locals in Florida were concerned about the impact the storm could potentially have. Many gathered at grocery stores stocking up on supplies and took shelter in their homes for a dry place. Formally a hurricane, tropical storm Eta came into contact with the west coast of Florida bringing lots of rain and winds throughout the day. From Monday to Thursday, many counties were notified of the storm and the possible chaos it could bring. 

Compared to Northern and Southern Florida, the Fort Myers and Cape Coral area lucked out by only getting the outskirts of the storm with mild to no flooding. Later on in the evening on Wednesday, Eta was recorded to have a substantial decrease with winds at 12 MPH located west of Tampa. As of right now, Eta has been recorded to be in the Carolina area. 

Angelina Rodriguez

Staff Writer – News

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