Editorial #2

By Donovan Souppa

It has been two weeks since we have published our first articles, and a lot has happened since then. An election, a new President-Elect, a rise in COVID-19 cases, and a Tropical Storm have all affected our FSW community in one way or another. 

With a lot of uncertainty within our daily lives, the Compass strives to be a factual and unbiased source that community members feel comfortable relying on. When Amy and I first stepped into these roles, a common goal we had was to create and secure transparency between the community and staff. 

On the behalf of Amy and I, we would like to thank you for the support and feedback we received from our first virtual issue. Feedback is a necessary component in growth. As the Compass expands into the future we aim to complete current goals and create new ones as we evolve.

With our second online “Issue” we have collected and published articles ranging from national election updates (“The 2020 Presidental Election”), local election Updates (“Conservation Collier Referendum”), a tropical storm update (“Tropical Storm Eta Hits Florida”), and an informative article on EXIF data (“What Information Do Your Photos Store – and Release”). 

With everything going on in the world, it has become difficult to stay positive. So with that being said, I have decided to create a little recap of a few positives this past week…

Two companies have released positive data on vaccine trials, on 11/15/2020 SpaceX successfully launched its second crew into space, the first openly trans woman was elected to the U.S. Senate, and there was a 12% decrease in Carbon Emissions documented by the European Union since 2018. 

All in all, don’t get hung up on the negatives in life, look for the positives… even the little things.

Donovan Souppa 

Compass Co-Editor-in-Chief

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