America’s Withdrawal From Paris Agreement

By Angelina Rodriguez

On Wednesday, November 4th 2020, the United States was deemed to be the only country withdrawing from the nationwide Paris agreement. Originally drafted in Le Bourget, France, the Paris Agreement is a global treaty that aims to delay climate change and addresses related to global warming. Among it’s 197 countries that is a part of the accord, the recent resignation has raised some concerns regarding the well being of the earth. 

After being introduced to the world in 2015, the main goal of the Paris Agreement is to limit the greenhouse gas pollution into the air. The pact requires you to stay committed to cutting back on the air pollution which then will hinder the global temperature from increasing. With each country using the same system, the Paris Agreement asks that everyone keeps record of the greenhouse gas level that is being put into the air. Beginning in 2023, the agreement will keep records every 5 years of these levels in hopes to reduce gas emissions in the atmosphere. 

In June of 2017, former president Donald Trump announced that the United States would go through the motions of withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. Many citizens have argued against this act which caused a lot of criticism towards Trump. Two years after the statement, the discharge from the treaty has become official. Rumors have circulated that once Biden is in office, he will be reversing the withdrawal. Stay tuned on FSW’s Compass for further updates.

Angelina Rodriguez

Staff Writer – News

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