Staying Safe During Crime Prevention Month

By Angelina Rodriguez

With the nights longer and Halloween right around the corner, it is easy to become a crime victim. The National Crime Prevention Council celebrates 40 years of granting October to be National Crime Prevention Month. The NCPC works with local communities to spread various news such as violent crimes, public safety, and fraudulent activities. Each week of October has different themes, and for week 5, we recognize crime relating to fraud. 

Fraud is a form of theft and can devise in money or even personal property. The goal for the person enacting this contraband is to benefit from your belongings. Those who commit fraud, also known as ‘fraudsters’ scheme, pretend to be someone trustworthy such as a law enforcer or employed by the government to gain your trust. Once that trust is earned, fraudsters will take your personal information and use it to their advantage. After the widespread international pandemic, COVID-19, there has been an increase in this transgression. 

The NCPC has teamed up with AT&T and created a campaign titled. Don’t Take The Bait – Validate to bring awareness and prevention of social engineering scams to the community. One common way scammers gain your personal information is via phone call. They will often say something is wrong with your account and lure you in for your confidential information. The campaign provided three rules to stay safe and avoid being a victim of fraud. NCPC states:

  1.  Be skeptical.
  2. Verify the legitimacy of unsolicited calls BEFORE you share personal information. Hang up and contact the organization directly to address any request for personal information.
  3. Remember not to engage, especially when you’re busy or distracted.

Do not fall into becoming a victim of crime. As students and staff at FSW, we must stay safe during National Crime Prevention month and make sure that you notify law enforcement immediately if you see any signs of someone attempting to commit fraud.

Angelina Rodriguez

Staff Writer – News

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