COVID-19: Events Gone Viral

By Marisa Bunton

With the coronavirus taking place, almost all events are now online through Zoom. The journey and the adaptation from on-campus activities online are an unexpected series of events. 

This Hallo-week, Student Engagement has a lot planned for education and fun. From yoga to painting pumpkins, this year’s Hallo-week will be exciting yet different. Here are all of the events that took place this week, on-campus and online.

Monday, October 26th – OBOC Art Contest, Staying “Classy” (10 am), Mental Health Workshop: Regulating Your Emotions (11:30 am), OBOC Book Chat: Work in the 21st Century: Reimagining the Options (1 pm), Puppy Palooza on Charlotte Campus (2 pm), and Yoga on Zoom (3:45-5 pm).

Tuesday, October 27th – Pumpkin Carving on Lee Campus (10 am), ADHD Workshop (11:30 am), Professional Communication & OBOC Book Chat (both started at 2 pm), and HIIT started at 3:45 pm.

Wednesday, October 28th – Guided Meditation (11:30 am), Wellness Wednesday Chats (11:45 am), and Strength & Stretch (3:45 pm). All of these events took place over Zoom.

Thursday, October 29th – Candy Drive-Thru on Collier Campus, Career Coach (noon), OBOC Book Chat (3 pm), HIIT (3:45 pm), Restorative Yoga (5 pm), and Ghost Brothers (7 pm).

Friday, October 30th – Halloween Hooligans (the only event on Friday).

As each day goes by, we are reaching closer and closer to another day in 2020. This year has been crazy. Each month has been nonstop with traumatic events. In one way or another, each person is impacted by the self-isolation that takes place in every home. Need someone to talk to? Reach out to a friend, family member, classmate, professor, or even an academic advisor.

Marisa Bunton

Staff Writer – Community

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