FSW plans to replace Compass adviser

Two weeks after terminating the FSW Compass faculty adviser, FSW said it plans to continue the student newspaper.

“Collegewide we believe in freedom of the press. We want to continue to support that,” said Eileen DeLuca, FSW provost, on March 16. “There’s no plans to stop the paper despite Professor Feemster not being renewed.”

Journalism professor and Compass adviser Ron Feemster’s employment was not renewed for the next academic year. He will leave FSW on June 30.

FSW did not have a plan for a replacement adviser when he was terminated on March 2. Now, the school is looking at current faculty as options for the new adviser.

“We may have two co-advisors. There is quite a bit of college newspaper and writing experience among our faculty,” said Deborah Teed, dean of the School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, in an email.

It is unclear when FSW will make their decision.

“I am waiting for the faculty to make decisions about their goals for next year,” Teed said.

-Lianna Hubbard

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