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Lianna Hubbard. Photo by Antoria Miller

Dear readers,

Times have been crazy.

FSW is reeling from the coronavirus. Classes have been moved online and students barred from the campuses. Everyone is trying to catch up to the rapid changes at FSW and in the world. The FSW Compass is no different.

While FSW was still open, we published our first batch of stories about how the new coronavirus is affecting the college, “FSW adapts to coronavirus,” on our website,

We are not done! FSW has not stopped existing just because it’s gone online. Neither has the Compass.

Reporters are working remotely to keep the FSW community informed.

We plan to report on more than just the pandemic. Look out for our stories about student jobs, adaptive services, destressing in the age of coronavirus, and a former FSWPD captain’s lawsuit against the college.

As you can see, we have switched to publishing on our website. This makes our jobs a little more difficult, especially when talking to students.

Now more than ever we ask our readers to reach out to us with their experiences at FSW and during the coronavirus pandemic!

Your story matters to us. We want to report on what the FSW community is experiencing in this time of rapid and disorienting change.

People have been upset with Compass stories before. Their reactions have been to complain to administrators or to refuse to speak with our reporters at all.

If you don’t like something about the Compass, reaching out to us is the best way to change. We want to listen to your concerns. Share them with us.

Information changes fast. What we write could be out of date in a day or an hour.

If we get something wrong or use out-of-date information, let us know! We won’t hesitate to write a correction once the truth is verified.

There are many ways you can reach out to the Compass.

Our email,, is open for any comments, questions, or concerns you have about the Compass. You can also submit comments to us through the “Contact” tab on our website. We read messages on all our social media, @fswcompass.

Please everyone, stay informed. Misinformation spreads in times of crisis. Get your news from trusted sources. Listen to the CDC.

Stay strong and care for each other.


Lianna Hubbard

FSW Compass Editor-In-Chief

This is an updated story.

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