What’s ahead

Advising, registration, admissions, and financial aid closed after three days of operation after spring break. These departments planned ways to service students remotely.

“Our job and the heart of it has not changed, to be here for the students and help them navigate their academic journeys. The way we do it has changed,” said Jenna Rytlewsk, a student success advisor.

Advising is utilizing phone calls, emails, and Zoom to communicate with students about their plans for future classes.

“The only classes that have been affected are this semester’s. The students have already been enrolled, so our role is over,” Rytlewski said. “For the most part students are trying to catch up to the world.”

While advising may not be dealing with too many students in the middle of a semester, they are bracing for the possibilities of an extended closure into next semester.

“Our job is always looking forward. We are a forward-looking office and we are trying to prepare for all scenarios. We are currently in uncharted waters,” Rytlewski said. “Our office as well as the administration is keeping an eye on the news. We’re waiting on the administration and world.”

-Lianna Hubbard

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