Student Engagement continues

Although the campus is closed, Student Engagement is continuing to support students.

The department is posting engagement on their social media, hosting Kahoots trivia sessions, and planning online workshops.

“Depending on what happens within the next few weeks and days, we’re meeting with IT to create a Canvas shell for student engagement for more students to interact with,” Becky Fahrner, assistant director of student engagement said a day before the school closed.

Before the campus closure, the school also suspended all on-campus activities until April 3. This canceled multiple big Students Engagement events. Spring Mania, Campus Life Awards, Career-A-Palooza, and “Mind Con” Mental Health Conference all expected over 100 students to attend.

Although Student Engagement can’t host anymore in-person events in accordance with the CDC’s warnings, the office

“Prior to news of this pandemic, our office had already been working on compiling and creating content that we could share and connect students to resources,” said Sholondo Campbell, director of student engagement.

These included online professional and personal development presentations and workshops and health tip sheets on from Campus Recreation & Wellness.

“We will have coverage in our offices College wide until further notice. That way we can continue to answer questions and serve as a resource for all students,” Campbell said. “We’ll just be serving you over the phone, email and social media.

-Lianna Hubbard

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