Campus closure leaves dorms, residents scrambling

The Light House Commons on Lee campus told students to leave their dorm rooms on March 18. They had 72 hours to pack their belongings and vacate the building. Family and friends are not allowed inside to help.

Before the campus shutdown, LHC asked students to leave the dorms unless they had “extreme extenuating circumstances” in an email to all residents on March 13. Now, the dorms aren’t asking.

“Due to this closure, LightHouse Commons (LHC) Residents, who are currently residing in the building, are being asked to vacate by no later than 12: 00 p.m., Saturday, March 21,” the Commons said in an email to all residents on March 18.

“We would be basing [students] requesting housing on the honor system in hopes students are being truthful with their reasoning of needing to stay,” Justin Long, housing director, said hours before the dorms closed.

This semester, the dorms housed around 370 students. On March 16, about 150 remained in their rooms. Now, only students who are from another country, have a disability that prevents them from traveling, cannot find other housing, or have an ill person living at their alternative housing will be permitted to stay in the dorms past March 21.

“My hope is that if we would close that yes we would refund those students who completely move out,” said Long on March 18. “That decision will be made by upper level administrators once the decision is made.”

As of press time, no public decision has been made on refunds.

-Lianna Hubbard

This is an updated story.

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