Academic support prepares for going online


During the three days the library remained open, few students came through the doors. The libraries used their virtual tools to help students as they continue their online classes.

“The whole county is in for a rough couple of months,” said Bill Shuluk, faculty librarian, on March 17. “We are amping up availability for students to get reference and research help online.”

The library hosts an online database and, where students can text, email, or message questions to FSW librarians.

The library has been building these services for years and shifting most of their content online. These are coming in handy now as students can no longer use in-person tools.

“Sometimes 2,000 students a day come through this door,” Shuluk said about the Lee campus library. Now, no students will come through those doors.

Academic Support Center

FSW’s tutoring centers on Lee, Charlotte, and Collier remained open for the three days after spring break, but few students stayed on campus to use their services. The Academic Support Centers spent their time training tutors in using the online programs.

“We’re going to do our best to stay open and provide the best support for students while keeping in mind our safety as well as theirs,” said Sardinas a day before the campus closure. “We’re just taking things as they go cause everything is moving fast right now. We know this will be a tough time.”

Now the ASC will direct students to and tutor students over email and phone calls.

“We’re trying to support students to the best of our abilities while staying safe,” Sardinas said.

-Lianna Hubbard

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