Grieving at FSW isn’t easy

FSW sophomore Jaiva Melton’s fall semester last year was shattered by the loss of her grandmothers. She went to FSW for help, but was left unsatisfied.

“[Their death] affected me academic wise and career wise. I fell into an unknown depression and was isolated,” Melton said. “For the first few weeks my [FSW counselor] was awesome. Then soon after, she went on leave, and I was then passed over onto another therapist that clearly had not read through my chart.”

Melton tried to use FSW’s free student counseling.

One in three students experience the death of a loved one while attending college, which often damages their academics. More personal care could be coming to FSW for these students.

Ally O’Brein, Valerie’s House assistant director of group support, hosts a Young Adult Grief Support Group for ages 18 to 25. Her organization provides group grief support in Fort Myers.

“My goal is to have one at FSW, possibly earlier in the day, during the week,” O’Brien said. “I just hope to spread awareness to our community that there are young adults out there who are grieving, especially in the college or university community. Even for professors and other people, just being more aware of how grief can impact a young adult.”

Melton didn’t seek more FSW care after leaving counseling, but would use the group support if it was one campus.

“I really do appreciate the effort in setting up grief-related support groups,” she said.

Isabella Arroyo

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