FSW adapts to coronavirus

By Lianna Hubbard

Shoppers raid grocery stores for toilet paper and rice. The elderly, cautious, and immune-compromised quarantine themselves. Bars and nightclubs shut down for 30 days across Florida only hours before St. Patrick’s Day began. Federal health authorities advise against gatherings of more than 50 people and encourage social distancing. […]


Compass moves online

Dear readers,

Times have been crazy.

FSW is reeling from the coronavirus. Classes have been moved online and students barred from the campuses. Everyone is trying to catch up to the rapid changes at FSW and in the world. The FSW Compass is no different. […]

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Student Engagement continues

Although the campus is closed, Student Engagement is continuing to support students. The department is posting engagement on their social media, hosting Kahoots trivia sessions, and planning online workshops. “Depending on what happens within the […]

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What’s ahead

Advising, registration, admissions, and financial aid closed after three days of operation after spring break. These departments planned ways to service students remotely. “Our job and the heart of it has not changed, to be […]