“The Seagull” soared at Black Box Theatre

Constantine (left), played by Chance Cintron confronts his love interest, Nina (right), played by Kiana Pinder, in a scene from FSW Black Box Theatre’s “The Seagull.” Photo by Ian Perez

By Paola Matta

FSW put on a production of “The Seagull”, a play written by Anton Chekhov in 1895, in the Black Box Theatre for two weekends in November. It was an entertaining production that showed people will do anything for love.

The play was directed by Stuart Brown, a theatre professor at FSW.
The play is filled with characters who wanted love relationships that may never happen. It is a comedy with a little bit of tragedy sprinkled in.

Constantine, played by Chance Cintron, is the play’s principle character. He dreams of being a playwright.

Nina, played by Kiana Pinder, an actress from The Florida Repertory Theatre, is the object of Constantine’s affection. She longs to be free.

Masha, played by Grace Koltz, who made “The Seagull” her first FSW production, is in love with Constantine.

All three gave me the impression that they will do anything to follow their dreams but also will make sacrifices so that others can be happy.

I believed every actor was able to transmit all the emotions perfectly. I could feel their anger, their passion and also the desire to be free and understood.

The performance begins with a play within a play in an outside theater with a lake behind the stage.

You can hear the birds and the wind. It sounds as if you are there.

The play shown in this outside theater was written by Constantine and performed by Nina.

This scene is the start of the problems between Constantine and his mother, played by Lexie Anne Cole.

Throughout the play, Constantine struggles to gain his mother’s approval. All that Constantine wants is to make his mother proud by showing her that he can be a successful playwright.

The scene left an impact on me because we all want to make our parents proud, but also have them respect our individual dreams.

Before the last scene, Nina visits Constantine after two years of not seeing each other.

They have a conversation of all those feelings they have been holding onto for such a long time.

She says to Constantine, “I am the seagull.”

She is referring to the freedom she was waiting for so long. I felt connected the most with this scene. There is a moment in our lives when we all feel stuck and we all want to find our place in this world.

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