The Compass covers Hendry, DC

Lianna Hubbard. Photo by Antoria Miller

Dear Readers,

This semester has been an intense one.

Breaking news on college athletic rule changes, a recycling mess on Lee campus, and a vaping epidemic.

The Compass started its own website ( and came out with our first 12-page issue, which damn near killed us.

I have been proud to see the paper grow since last semester and can’t wait to see how far it goes next year.

Our growth is pushed by the reporters, photographers, and editors we have worked with over the semester. I especially want to thank my co-editor, Jose Diaz, for spending his last semester at FSW dedicated to the Compass.

We hope to see even more new faces next semester. If you are interested, feel free to reach out!

This issue, we are closing up the semester with a range of stories.
We are starting up coverage again of Garnett Salmon, an ex-FSW administrator who was arrested for the rape of a teen girl.

A hearing on November 21 allowed the testimonies of the alleged victim’s mother and the forensic psychologist to be entered into evidence for the court. Expect more coverage of his trial next semester.

Another story we are proud is our front page story “The Compass calculated its flight carbon emissions.”

In October, we traveled to a student journalism conference in Washington D.C. along with almost 300 other schools.

We spent a month going over a list of the schools and attendees. We calculated the carbon footprint of the flights and tried to find ways to reduce the harm.

Our front pager is a shorter version of our full-length story, which goes in depth about our research. You can find our full story, “The Compass (tries) calculating the carbon footprint of the ACP/CMA conference,” on our website,

We are also extending our reporting at an often overlooked part of FSW, the Hendry-Glades Curtis Center, a satellite location for FSW that services the LaBelle community.

We have two stories on the Hendry center in this issue, including one on a professor making waves with his research on a dark part of the city’s history, “Lynchings loom over Hendry, FSW class investigates,” and another about the dual-enrolled students who don’t have anything to eat at lunch time, “Dual-enrolled students go hungry at Hendry Center.”

FSW is a large college, with four campuses. There are many stories on Charlotte, Collier, and Hendry that we have not been able to cover. If you know about a story or are a student on those campuses, reach out!

We are also looking for reporters to cover more events and issues on Lee campus! This issue, we were unable to bring together a sports page. There were also many arts events that we were unable to cover.

We are hoping the Hendry stories are part of a new age for the Compass, where we can reach and cover more topics, areas, and people.

Thank you to everyone who read the paper this semester! Check our website for updates and keep an eye out for our continued coverage of FSW next semester.

If you are interested in joining next semester, or have an interesting story you want to share, drop by the newsroom in I-117 on Lee campus or email us at


Lianna Hubbard
Co-Editor FSW Compass

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