Philosophy by the koi pond

Co-advisers Elijah Pritchett (far left) and Russel Swanson (left) chat with Alex Filliez (right) and Rebecca Harris (far right) at the Philosophy club’s Toga Party. Photo by Lianna Hubbard

A student wandering out of the library on Nov. 20, might have thought that they were transported to Ancient Rome, or just wondered why their professor was wearing a bedsheet for a robe at 4 p.m.

The Philosophy club hosted their Toga Party by the koi pond and garden on Lee campus. The event hosted pizza and participants clad in Roman-style togas, many made out of linens, all discussing philosophy.

“It’s just hours and hours of some deep conversation with some food in a beautiful place,” said Russel Swanson, co-adviser of the club and professor of philosophy. “It’s also our reach out.”

The costumes and crowd attracted many passing students who weren’t part of the club, but stayed for the pizza and discussions on topics ranging from the nature of sexuality to animal liberation.

“This is more open, to bring more people in,” said Micah Edvenson, club president. “Plus it’s fun to wear togas.”

The Philosophy club has hosted their Toga Party every semester for over five years.

“Mostly everybody is there for the conversation and comradery,” Swanson said. “Even if they want to sit and listen.”

Lianna Hubbard

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