Obama or ‘None’ should be the next US president according to FSW students

In a poll, FSW favored former President Barack Obama as the next US president. Photo by Ashlee Rezin, Associated Press

By Marck Auguste

The 2020 presidential race is quickly approaching, and more FSW students are beginning to pay attention to the candidates, whether they’re actually on the ballot or not. A poll was conducted on 60 Lee campus students, beginning in early November and ending later in the month, to get a consensus of who students favor to win next year’s election.

Even though former President Barack Obama can’t run, he came in first place with 16 votes, or over 25 percent of all participants.

“Obama was the best president in my eyes,” said Javian McCartar, an FSW student.

Another student, Jeorhodan Morgan, said “he opens up doors that other presidents can’t, like being the first black president.”

Students were asked to choose between the top eight highest polling presidential hopefuls at the time. The choices were current President Donald J. Trump and Democratic Party nominees: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, and Tulsi Gabbard.

Obama and ‘None’ options were added afterwards by the request of participants.

The second top choice at FSW was the ‘None’ option with 13 votes. Sanders and Trump tied for third with ten votes each. Yang came in fifth. Biden came in sixth. Warren and Buttigieg tied for seventh with Gabbard behind them. Harris got no votes, finishing last.

One student who supported Trump claimed he would only vote for him because he doesn’t know any other candidates.

Trump and Sanders being the most popular after Obama suggests that voters might be looking for a populist with working-class appeal and name recognition.

Both had the most passionate fans out of everyone.

“I’m voting for Trump, he might be a shit person, but he’s gotten a lot done,” said Sarah, an FSW student.

“How are people so stupid? Bernie’s the only one who cares. He’s been for the people his whole life,” said another FSW student. “I would vote for anyone but Trump, he’s so rude and he’s done so many harmful policies.”

When asked what Trump has done that’s so bad, she said that his tax cuts are hurting the economy and that he’s a racist and a liar.

Yang stood out too. Many people brought him up even though they didn’t vote for him, showing that students have become familiar with his name and message.

“Yang is the only one who can fix this country,” another FSW student, Cole, said.

Obama was President of the United States for two terms (2008-2016), so he is unable to run again. There is no way we can have nobody act as president, even though many FSW students seem to want that option.

FSW’s first two options are non-options.

The Iowa caucuses, the first primary vote in the presidential election, will begin on Feb. 3, 2020.

The official presidential election begins Nov. 3, 2020.

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