Clubs celebrate democracy

The answer to the Global Citizens and Legal Studies clubs’ “Is Democracy Dead?” presentation on Nov. 21 on Lee campus was a resounding ‘NO’.

The clubs invited Neil Volz, Deputy Director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to talk about whether democracy is really dead in today’s world. His organization was behind Amendment Four in Florida’s 2018 midterm election which secured the voting rights for 1.4 million felons after they’ve served their sentence.

Volz is a convicted felon whose voting rights were restored under Amendment Four.

“Florida, us, a year ago, expanded democracy more than we’ve seen in 50 years,” said Volz.

Tiffany Leung, secretary of the Global Citizens club, spoke about the recent clashes between protesters and police in Hong Kong. Leung is a Hong Konger herself.

“I am in awe of the individuals in Hong Kong who are standing up for basic human values,” said Volz. “Those are central to our movement.”

Along with Volz and Leung, Sandi Towers, the adviser of both clubs, spoke about Iran’s current uprisings.

The clubs collaborated to explore the aspects of citizens’ involvement and voting rights in a democracy.

“I don’t think there’s a problem in our government that a group of educated, active voters can’t solve,” said Volz. “I’m here to share [my] story and hopefully plant some seeds.”

Lianna Hubbard

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