The haunted halls of FSW

U Building locked and lit up at night

By Jose Diaz

When the last of the night class get out, Lee campus transforms. Shadows fill the classrooms and lurk on the dimly lit walkways. Public Safety officers and technicians patrolling the grounds are the only living souls on campus. But some nights, it appears they may not be the only spirits there.

“A Building has most of the chilling events, so does the AA Building,” said John Scalzitti, a public safety technician on the Lee campus. “I’ve been here 11 years and that was one of the first things I was told.”

FSW has been around since 1962. It’s gone through many changes since its days as Edison Junior College, but some of the same buildings stand from back then.

Safety technicians working the graveyard shift have had their fair share of sights over the years.

U Building, A Building, and AA Building are known to have spiritual connections.

“Spirits tend to attach themselves to objects,” said Scalzitti when speaking about the Medical History Museum in the AA Building.

While working a shift one night, safety technician Angela Lathigee was sitting in her squad car in front of the dorms, facing the U Building. That’s when she saw a figure of a woman standing in one of the second-floor windows.

“I saw her [while I was] sitting in my car at 3 o’clock in the morning,” said Lathigee. “I looked into the building and she was sitting in the window, full moon and everything.”

According to Lathigee, a woman was found deceased one night in the U Building a few years ago. The woman was reported missing by her husband and then found underneath a desk in one of the classrooms. The Compass couldn’t verify the story. 

“Oh yeah, she’s definitely still in there,” said Lathigee.

FSW students may never encounter any hauntings by day, but those who have late classes should keep an eye out for strange phenomena and make sure to report their sighting to the FSW Compass at

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