Real connection in the dorms

Jaida Brown on her computer in the dorms. Photo by Jose Diaz

Ethan McSheffery

Residents of FSW’s Lighthouse Commons are having an easier time connecting this semester after struggling for years.

Not with each other, but with the internet.

“During my first two semesters of college, the internet was way slower, and it wasn’t even available in most rooms,” said FSW student and former dorm resident Conrad James. “Outside of the common rooms, it was like they needed more routers or an extender.”

These complaints may be a thing of the past, thanks to an overhaul of the dorm’s user network by FSW’s Office of Information Technology.

“In the first weeks of the semester, the connection was really awful. My devices just refused to connect to the campus network, making it extremely difficult to access Canvas or even edit my creative work in my free time,” said dorm resident Alyssa Quinones. “Housing’s network soon got much better, and I now have a stable connection while I’m in my dorm.”

 These new benefits didn’t come without significant efforts from IT, working nights and weekends right up to the start of the semester, even hosting third-party representatives to come in and lend insight into the transition.

“Students are happier; it works a lot better,” said FSW’s director of network and infrastructure systems, Dean Phetterplace. “Wi-Fi 6 is what we installed, upgrading from the previous Wi-Fi 5. It’s the newest technology. Any new devices that come out should be compatible.”

Tina Corbett, office assistant for the dorms, remarked: “Most help desk inquiries we see now come from students not connecting properly, and not reviewing the information provided by IT.”

All in all, it’d seem the updated system’s infrastructure will be keeping FSW residents connected for the foreseeable future.

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