Mental health awareness club kicks off

Active Minds, a mental health awareness organization active across 700 college campuses, is picking up speed this semester on Lee campus.

“A vast majority of people will experience a mental health issue of some sort, and this club helps people to realize it’s okay to not be okay,” voiced Terri Housley, the club advisor. “They’re not alone, and there is help available and people who care everywhere.”

FSW’s Active Minds chapter aims at bigger projects for its third semester in operation.

Next semester, the club plans to host a mental health conference for the Lee community at FSW. The club is already integrating with the greater mental health community.

Active Minds works with mental health advocacy coordinators from Lee Health, Richard Keelan and Lorena Rodriguez. They work alongside Active Minds to advertise ways for students to get the help they need.

“We’re just laying the groundwork to get Active Minds as a known thing and hit the ground running with a lot of community things,” said Victoria Mazy, president of Active Minds.

“We are looking [to] outreach to other campuses and starting little clubs in Collier and Charlotte as well. And we are entertaining the idea of reaching out to FGCU, as our sister school, to see if they want to get started with a chapter for Active Minds as well.”

Isabella Arroyo

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