Bucs volleyball wins final game of the season

Dario Rangel Condor

By Dario Rangel Condor

The FSW Bucs volleyball team ended their first season in school history with a dominating win over State College of Florida on the night of October 15.

The Bucs took control of the first set fast, in large part due to Viktoria Ivanova, who plays libero for the team, scored five straight points all coming from serves shortly into the set. Ivanova would go on with 20 serve attempts, with five recorded aces (scores) and 1 serve error.

“We serve[d] really well,” said Thais Baziquetto-Allen, who coaches the team, the day after the game. “our libero was able to serve 14 in a row and maintain SCF out of system which was key.”

The Bucs didn’t look back after that, winning the first set 25-9.

Though SCF looked better in the second set, they still fell short to the formidable front play of Yasso Amin, Kellen Valentin, and Kianie Cummings. Their size up front dictated most of the set, allowing none of the returns to go past the net with ease.

Throughout the whole game, Amin had 12 total attacks, scoring seven kills (scores) but committing three errors. Kellen Valentin had 12 attacks, three kills, and five errors. Cummings had seven attacks, scoring two kills and one error.

The Bucs won the second set 25-16.

The third and final set was fought hard between the two teams. SCF had not lead in a single set until the this one. It seemed that they were finally able to really get into a groove and establish an offensive attack. As they were inching closer to victory, coach Baziquetto-Allen called a momentum-swinging timeout and the Bucs rallied, took back the lead, and closed out the game.

The Bucs barely took the third set, winning 25-23.

The stars of the game were Julia de Sa and Anna Leweling. De Sa had 20 total attacks, with 12 kills and only two errors. Anna Leweling had 22 attacks, scoring eight points while committing four errors. They also scored one point each off serves.

Marina Alonso set up her teammates with 22 assists on 59 attempts.

The Bucs ended the season with a 13-7 record, though they just missed states.

“We didn’t receive an automatic bid to the state tournament,” said Baziquetto-Allen.”But we have the chance to enter with an at-large bid”.

Whether or not they win the bid, the volleyball team’s exciting play looks like they are building something special here at FSW for the future.

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