New tech off the court

The future is here. FSW unveiled a brand-new stat compiler this semester to keep scores at games. The program lets anyone record stats and print out a box score at the end of the game.

“It’s a smart program.” said Roy Allen, coach of the FSW Men’s Basketball Team. “You don’t even have to know volleyball that well, all you have to do is select the players the touch the ball and the program does the rest for you.”

Although the stat program is easy to use, there are still some things that could go wrong.

“If you input the program correctly it will give you 100 percent accuracy, but if you make one mistake while you are putting in the numbers, it will mess up the entirety of the rest of that point. There is no undo during the game and we have to write down the error and fix it after the game.”

The stat program itself is just another way technology is making things easier for everyone.

“Normally, we’d have to have a volleyball expert in order to keep stats, but now literally anybody can do it.”

Dario Rangel Condor

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