Budgets and bathrooms, communication conundrums plague FSW

Lianna Hubbard. Photo by Antoria Miller

Dear Readers,

We bounced back! After a monetary hangup last issue, we were able to print our full eight page issue this time around.

Part of how we are funding our pages is with ad sales.

Inside this issue you will find three new ads. I should take this time to state the FSW Compass’s policy that the content of the ads or advertisers does not reflect on opinions of the Compass.

We also have a new series on transgender students, “Trans at FSW.”

Our first story in the series, “Unsafe in any stall,” focuses on transgender and non-binary students’ reluctance to use the bathrooms at FSW. Although FSW allows students to use the bathroom of their choice, many transgender students still avoid FSW’s restrooms.

FSW’s failure to communicate this rule increases transgender students’ fear of using the bathrooms.

Some don’t know about the policy. Some worry that others in that bathrooms do not know and react badly to their presence.

We are particularly excited about this series.

With this series, we hope (as always) to inform the student body about issues they need to know about. We also hope to show that the Compass has space for all stories in our pages (and website).

Look for more stories in “Trans at FSW” in our coming issues.

You all have stories at FSW, ones that add value to the school and student body when shared.

Share them with us.

Email us at fswcompass@gmail.com or drop by room I-117 on Lee campus with your story.

There is always room on our paper for more students too!

We know that FSW is filled with untapped talent. If you are a writer, reporter, photographer, designer, or salesperson interested in getting some real-world experience, contact the Compass.

We are also continuing our coverage of FSW Public Safety with a story about the new public safety director.

Read “New director seeks to revamp Public Safety” on page eight of this issue.

Our front page also features a story on City of Palms Park, the stadium FSW uses for baseball and softball games, the city of Fort Myers wants to demolish it and build a business center in its place.

The county and city have formally opened up negotiations. FSW administrators wait to see what happens.

Read “Baseball stadium up in the air” on our front page.

This is a developing story and our continued coverage will be available on our website, fswcompass.com, and the future issues of the Compass.

All of our past articles and stories from this issue will be published on the website as well.

We are staying strong and dedicated to giving you the information you need to know.

Keep your eyes open for more Compass issues throughout the semester. If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas please contact the Compass at fswcompass@gmail.com or in room I-117 on Lee campus.

Share the Compass around campus!


Lianna Hubbard

FSW Compass Co-editor

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