The Compass has less money, but more editors


The FSW Compass is back. We’re starting the new semester with new stories, new goals, and a new co-editor: me, Jose Diaz, writing to you right now.

This editorial will be the first of a few throughout the semester from both me and my co-editor, whom you all know, Lianna Hubbard.

You may notice that this issue is only four pages long, as opposed to our usual eight, with a lot of advertising for our new website, Unfortunately, due to budgets cuts imposed by FSW (which are affecting many departments), we could only print about half of our paper this time around.

However, this will not stop us from delivering the news FSW needs to know. If you visit our website, you’ll find our past stories, extra stories for this issue, as well as the complete stories you read here.

Speaking of stories, we’ve started a new series covering Public Safety beginning with this issue. You can read “Public Safety prepares for the worst” on the front page, with the continuation posted on

Even though we’ve been gone for a while, that doesn’t mean our drawing board is blank. We have stories waiting to be taken on by ambitious students.

Especially in today’s media climate, journalism can be a grim path to take, but to those of you reading this editorial interested in joining, I’d like to leave you with a thought:

If you want to change how we consume news or you distrust the world around you; you are not alone.

Many Americans feel similarly, but are too strapped with daily life to act. Journalism is a channel for those people. It does the grunt work of truth-seeking that leads to change.

We find the truth so the people can participate. We find the truth so they don’t have to participate. We find the truth, so those in power can’t twist it.

I realized here is where I want to be: fighting for the truth. I want to be your channel of change, starting at FSW.

And you can be here too.

For any questions, comments, or other inquiries to the Compass please contact or stop by the newsroom in I-117 on Lee campus.

Jose Diaz

FSW Compass Co-Editor

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