New preacher, same hate

By Lianna Hubbard

The first day of classes are always filled with commotion and stress. Students outside the S Building on Aug. 19 got an extra dose when Adam LaCroix, the founder of Team Jesus Preachers, preached to students.

Some students stopped to debate the preacher, others heckled him or played music over his words.

Two freshman girlfriends, Kiara Bullock (18) and Talynne Woods (18), stopped to talk to LaCroix. This was their first day on campus ever.

The students debated LaCriox on if they were going to hell for their sexualities.

“If he’s going to be here every day, I don’t want to be here,” said Woods. “I’m supposed to feel comfortable at this school, not attacked.”

FSW’s usual TJP preacher, Matthew Meinecke, did not make an appearance with LaCroix. Meinecke was arrested last semester for protesting outside Fort Myers High School and his case is still in court.

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