Writing between the stalls

Newly scrubbed toilet stall wall in S Building first floor men's bathroom By Emily Ralph

The bathroom stalls in S Building has been scrubbed and painted since the last issue of the Compass ran a story about racist and misogynist graffiti on Lee campus.

Steven Cenno’s number is still written in the J Building men’s bathroom within the library and has been there since Fall 2018.

“If they knew the number was there, then why would they go through the trouble of cleaning just one of the bathrooms?” asked Victoria, a student whose number was scrawled on the bathroom wall in S Building.

Mary Lou Mahan, a Public Safety Technician, stated that no formal complaint was made about the J-Building graffiti.

When issues such as vandalism are brought to the attention of public safety, someone is sent to take pictures, and the pictures are then shown to facilities.

“When Public Safety receives an email about an issue on campus, we all get the email,” Mahan said.

But if someone makes a complaint in person, then the process may work differently

“We have shifts, so if one of us is told about an issue [in person], not everyone is going to be notified.”

Facilities has since been sent to fix the J Building graffiti, according to Mahan.

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