Minimum wage creeps up

By Paola Matta

FSW student employees came back this semester to a slight rise from their previous pay, from $8.30 to $8.46.

On January 1, Florida minimum wage increased from $8.25 to $8.46 per hour.

The minimum hourly wage for FSW work study and student assistants, like peer tutors, peer mentors and cafeteria workers, will increase from $8.30 per hour to $8.46 per hour.

Adnie Abraham, a freshman studying business and supervision management, works at the Lee campus library.

Abraham now receives 16 cents more an hour.

“Honestly I feel as though minimum wage is horrible, and there is literally no difference between $8.30 an hour and $8.46 an hour,” Abraham said. “How can we possible survive on minimum wage? Gas price is rising, food prices are rising. Paying $1,000 in rent is ridiculous.”

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