FSW student rethinks safety

One of your reporters (I forgot her name) interviewed me the other day regarding if I feel safe on campus since there has been school shootings. That day when she talked to me I didn’t sleep good the night before so I felt like I didn’t answer her like I wanted to.

I feel like this campus is not safe for its students because of how open it is. I understand that colleges are built open (sorry I don’t know what word to use) unlike high schools but I have seen multiple people that will do their morning or evening walks or walking their dog. I’m not saying they are bad people but we never know.

Also one of my friends told me that her one of her professors told her class that if a shooter comes on campus that her professor doesn’t have a key to lock the room that everyone has to run to find safety.

What would be nice to have again on campus would be a self-defense class. I believe they had those type of classes Fall 2018 during safety week. I wasn’t able to attend because of personal things but I think that will help students defend for themselves if they get into a situation that no one else was around to help them. 

Selena Young

FSW Student

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