Sex crimes, big and small

Lianna Hubbard By Calven Cummings

Dear readers,

For the second time in one year, a top FSW administrator is out of office for sex crimes. First, Provost Jeffrey Stewart resigned during an investigation of sexual harassment allegations against him in July 2018.

Now Garnett Salmon, FSW’s interim head of advising and registrar, has been placed on administrative leave after an arrest for sexual battery of a teenage girl.

NBC2 reporters appeared on campus a day after the arrest. The mugshot of Salmon, and his affiliation with FSW, appeared on most of the local news stations.

Today, the Compass weighs in. See our frontpage story, “Head of advising arrested for raping teen girl.” It’s a big story, and the Compass is dedicated to being the publication that writes for the students.

We report on what students care about, like the graffiti on their walls, the food in their cafeteria and the professors in their classrooms.

Speaking of graffiti (see “Blind to the writing on the wall”), Public Safety has been slow on the jump to react to racist and misogynist graffiti in men’s bathroom walls.

Such vulgar vandalism has plagued the walls of FSW men’s bathrooms for years. Joey Hall, an FSW student in the audio engineering program, told the Compass he has been crossing out slurs and phone numbers and sex solicitations for two years.

FSW Public Safety claims they have gotten only one complaint about bathroom graffiti, and none about racist language.

The Compass has photographs of such vandalism. Hall told the Compass he made multiple reports about vandalism to Public Safety.

Phone numbers of underage girls are written on men’s bathrooms’ walls alongside messages like “free head” and “it’s not rape if she likes it.”

We’ve had enough of this sexual harassment. It’s time for Public Safety to keep our bathroom stalls free of hateful graffiti.  

You can contact me at or in room I-117 on Lee campus.

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Lianna Hubbard


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