Power of poetry packs the house

Gary McLouth, Art Poems organizer, talking with patrons at Art Poems outside Rush Auditorium on March 14 By Jordan Dykes

Folks young and old gathered in Rush Auditorium for Art Poems on the night of March 14. An annual gathering to see old friends, make new ones, take in art and hear the poems arranged by the Art Poems Inc.

The collective is made of both visual and written artists. For the event, poets interpreted the visual works into their medium and the visual artists turned poetry into a pieces that displayed in the lobby.

“The goal was to reach beyond the usual, beyond our own group, which was not necessarily insulur.” said FSW professor and event organizer Gary McLouth.

Art, not strictly defined, could be found on display as well as in the stylings of the crowd. However, only the displays in Rush Gallery were on sale. Shadowbox collages, paintings, jewelry, and other works set the crowd abuzz.

At 7 p.m., the crowd was corralled from the lobby to the auditorium, where they experienced the poetry portion of the event.

For an hour and a half, the audience enjoyed the presentation of a mass collaboration, created by the dedicated members of Art Poems Inc.

The result: an intimate experience for everyone involved. One work that stood out was “Diptych Calling to Me Coqui,” as read by its author Joe Pacheco.

The poem was spoken in a gruff, methodic style. His words were cultured, his scenery lush and vivid but wary. The longing in memory and sensation emphasized an almost lustful embrace of restful homescape and the unshackling of suffering. It was purposefully tainted with grit, was woeful of greener grass, and left ominous afterthoughts of enduring suffering.

“We come together through our artistic endeavors, it’s interesting to be challenged by someone else’s approach and not your own,” said McLouth. “Only made more challenging due to deadlines and over maturity. Not easy is the pursuit of quality.”

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