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By Dario Rangel Condor

Barbara B. Mann Performance Art Hall filled with a beautiful harmonic melody on March 19. With immaculate perception the brass, the woodwind, and percussion instruments blended together to make one sound.

FSW Spring Concert Band performed to an audience of students, faculty and members of the community.

This was one of several free concerts that FSW musicians will give. All are open to the public. Upcoming shows include the Jazz Ensemble, Percussion Studio and Flute Orchestra Recital.

For the student musicians this concert was the culmination of meticulous training and honing of their craft. With very limited time to rehearse, only meeting once a week, the band’s performance was in one word astonishing.

“Time restraint on our practices is difficult, but I think it only adds to the challenge,” said Rodolfo Castillo, the conductor of the band. “The real challenges come from picking the piece of music that [is best for] my ensemble, in ways of learning new performing techniques and formations.”

Although the turnout was strong, Castillo wishes FSW put more resources into marketing the performances.

“FSW has done a lot for the music program and I’m privileged to be with a college that gives members of the community an opportunity to pursue music,” Castillo said. “But I wish more attention was given to advertise the performances so more of the students could attend.”

FSW’s role in the music community is impactful. FSW continues to time and time again give students opportunities for them to showcase their talents and grow while pursing what they want to do in life.

“Thirteen years ago, I was a trumpet player in this very band,” said Castillo “I am honored to now be the conductor of this band and especially for this college. This band and the students mean a lot to me. I am grateful that FSW has allowed me to get where I am today because music means everything to me. I am music.”

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