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Jane Charles teaches Yoga In the Library By Jose Diaz

By Paola Matta

Elizabeth Perdue, an FSW freshman, struggled with stress during the fall semester, especially when she took several tests in one week on top of nightly homework.

“I would get to the point where I would not have any time to do anything for myself,” said Perdue, who is going for a bachelor’s in education and a doctorate in speech language pathology. “But that’s because I was taking six classes and I have a part-time job.”

Countless FSW students are under high levels of stress due to making deadlines, paying tuition, and juggling work life with classes. A few, like Perdue, have found a novel way to manage stress. They practice yoga.

“I originally went to do yoga for my SLS class with my friend,” said Perdue. “I wasn’t going to go after that because I thought I didn’t have time for it on a regular basis. Then, after the first class, I realized that it was really relaxing and it helped to relieve my stress from the week.”

Jane Charles, a faculty librarian and professor of U.S. history at FSW, gives yoga classes every Wednesday afternoon in the J Building to help students relieve stress after a long day.

She became a certified yoga instructor after starting in her own college yoga class 25 years ago.

“Yoga creates steadiness and ease in the body and mind,” said Charles.

Students can be victims of stress, insomnia, or anxiety due to a competitive environment and work culture. Other causes of a stressful lifestyle can include exam pressure, peer pressure, long working hours and irregular eating habits.

Learning yoga can have lasting and immense benefits on the overall health and well-being of students.

Perdue made sure to create a gap of time within her day for the yoga class in order to take hermind off of everythingshehad to do.

“Most of them have never done yoga,” Charles said of her students. “Generally, they really like it and they’re really surprised.”

“If students are able to cope with stress they can achieve better grades, finish their degree, and better understand what they want for their future” Charles said.

“Every time I do yoga, my mind is taken off of everything,” said Perdue. “And I am able to de-stress.”

Student practicing Yoga In the Library
By Josey Diaz

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