Hi, Lianna.

I’ve been perusing the new issue of the Compass and want to congratulate you on covering substantive issues on every page.

I do have a couple of personal reactions to the piece about the so-called street preacher. But I’ll say, right off the bat, that the fact that I do means you’ve succeeded in providing much more than the average campus newspaper journalism. And I definitely appreciate that.

I found the article a little upsetting though. I would have liked to have seen more points of view than what were represented. We got a bunch of quotes from him in which he framed himself as a caring, loving Christian. (I have scores of Christian friends who would take issue with that, let alone with his apparent misinterpretations of the Bible.) And we got a couple from students who found his provocations humorous or fun.

What I feel was missing were any reactions from students who have not been amused but, rather, somewhat traumatized. I have sat with some of them in the past. They include women and LGBT students who have had their personal space invaded by this guy and have felt threatened.

It also may have been useful to explore why our campus tolerates this kind of threatening, literally in-your-face behavior rather than set standard free-speech zones, like other campuses do, for the safety of their students. 

The bottom line is that I feel like a subject like this requires more thorough exploration.

Thanks for letting me share my views on this.

All best wishes,

Andy Buck

Administrative Assistant

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