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Lianna Hubbard By Calven Cummings

By Lianna Hubbard

Dear Readers,

The FSW Compass made it to issue three! It has taken four weeks to travel from our reporters’ notebooks to your hands, but we are here.

The Compass aims to be a biweekly newspaper, with occasional triweekly releases. We can’t all reach our dreams though. We continue to work towards a steadier schedule.

Issue two was in the works since the beginning of fall semester. I would say this is an improvement.

We are proud of the months of hard work done by our reporters, editors, photographers, and designer on issue two. But this issue has more fresh news. We hope that you, the readers, think we have improved as well!

The Compass has received a lot of feedback on our last issue, most of it positive. Some of it reminded us of our diligent commitment to accurate, fair reporting. Letters to the Editor and corrections are below.

In this issue, the Compass reports on a position essential to FSW’s function. Since July, 2018, FSW has been without a provost. Eileen Deluca, the former associate provost, is serving as interim. The school is now searching for a new provost.

Our story, “FSW searches for edu chief”, documents that search.

I sat in on search committee meetings for the new provost. I was the only student in the room as 14 faculty and staff sorted through 81 applications to find the new chief academic officer at FSW.

FSW conducts about 15 full time faculty job searches every year, according to Kathleen Hayes, a human resources manager. Searches for positions as important as the provost are rare.

FSW searches are public meetings. It is the students’ and press’s First Amendment right to be there. Times and places for search committee meetings are posted on under Public Notices.

Finalists for the provost position will be invited to campus this spring to give public presentations and forums.

I encourage students, faculty, and everyone else who cares about the future of the FSW to carve time out of their schedule to listen in and ask questions.

You can contact me at or in room I-117 on Lee campus.

Please, share the Compass around campus!

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