Going for the green

Jacqueline Calderwood and Gabby Smith tending to the herb spiral By Jose Diaz

By Josey Diaz

The Sustainability Club at FSW has been hard at work creating a sustainable garden outside the U building.

The garden features chocolate mint, garlic chives, marigolds, basil, buttercrunch lettuce, arugula, various types of tomatoes and more.

President Jacqueline Calderwood, vice president Ireland Abbot run the club and 15 volunteers help them work on the garden, which began in September 2018.

“Sometimes I go over to the garden and pick some plants to eat on my way to class if I’m feeling hungry” said Calderwood.

The club wants to expand the garden into a food forest, like the one at Florida Gulf Coast University. This would swell the current land mass occupied by the garden into the adjacent field to the south of the U building.

“A food forest follows perma-culture practices [permanent agriculture] meaning if human beings stepped away from it, the Food Forrest will still grow and thrive and prosper [on its own].”

This goal is not meant to be accomplished soon. It serves to maintain the garden for years after Calderwood and her current group graduate in hopes of creating a project to engage FSW students to the importance of sustainable gardening.

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