FSW welcomes service dogs

By Kayleigh Brown

As the number of service and emotional support animals climbs nationwide, dogs with colorful vests or guide harnesses are turning up on FSW campuses.

Maggie Lou Hughes said her professors are glad to see her dog, Jasper, in class.

“They mainly just ask for his name,” Hughes said. One of her professors even calls him “the baby” so she doesn’t disturb him.

Not just any dog is welcome on campus. Pets are prohibited.

Service animals are trained to perform work for a disabled person. That would include guiding a visually impaired person through their daily tasks or alerting a deaf person to the presence of other people. Animals may also serve their owners by preventing or interrupting harmful episodes caused by psychiatric or neurological disorders.

Emotional support animals that provide comfort to owners, but don’t work, are not service animals, according to the college operating procedures.

So dorm kittens, no matter how cute, are contraband kittens.

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